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Latest from the Blog

Refuge Of The Afflicted, Conflicted

Karl Marx is often famously quoted, “Religion is the opium of the masses”. I do not disagree. I however would like to discuss a less propagated, more controversial school of thought. If you ask me, religion -organized religion in particular- is a game of politics politely disguised. In the recent past I have had trouble…

Mysteries Of The Heart

I was in high school when I first felt an overpowering crippling love. Given that I didn’t yet know this kind of love – I still don’t – I was bewildered. My heart beat too close to my chest. I was loosing my breath, constricted of air, and void of all other emotion. I was…

The Awakening!

51 years ago today, one of the greatest African leaders to ever live was politically assassinated. Tom Mboya- probably the most brilliant leader I have heard till date- was never accorded his chance to front Kenya, or Africa as a whole, to the potential he, and many other African leaders like him, saw and championed…

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